Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 11, 2012

Day Four June 10, 2012

After breakfast at the elderly home we walked to the Cathedral with all the girls. After Mass the firecrackers began to celebrate Corpus Christi, they were LOUD!!  In further celebration, as we exited the Cathedral there were the traditional “rugs” or “carpet”. These are artistic creations done by the towns people. They are made of colored sawdust and the people begin creating their rugs at 2:00-3:00am. There is a lot of preparation for the rug. As the procession left the Cathedral, it walked through the carpets…it seemed a little sad to destroy the beauty. As we walked back to the elderly home we ran into a man Dani knew who was working on his rug. I asked if we could help and he let us try it…it was NOT as easy as it looks and it doesn’t look easy!!



We spent some more time with the elderly and went to the orphanage to distribute the penpal journals to the girls. These journals were made by St. Michael’s school and religious ed students and the girls loved them! The girls all completed letters and drawings for us to take back to their penpals. Kate was helpful with translating, David helped in many ways, including reading a book to the chicas…in Spanish!! Dani was very organized and answered a million questions the girls had…all in all, it was a successful venture!


There was an annual reunion of all former residents of the orphanage, some dating back to the 1960’s. It was interesting to hear their stories. One woman said that they were only allowed out of the orphanage once every 3 months, they had a school and church inside the orphanage. They had to receive special permission to play in the courtyard, they prayed every hour on the hour and went to church every morning at 6:00am. They commented on how things have changed but also gave advice to the girls to stay focused on their studies and always remember to pray and go to Mass.

After the reunion we took dinner (pizza…again!) over to the girls who have graduated from the orphanage. They live together in an apartment and either go to school or work. We had a wonderful time catching up on their lives and spending time with them alone.

It was another busy day with constant motion and many blessings. We are all so thankful for this experience and feel humbled to be able to serve these wonderful people.

P.S. Sorry about the pics, I have to figure some things out!! 😉




  1. David, I don’t recall ever seeing you more full of joy. I sense a calling.

  2. Kate
    It looks fun and rewarding!
    We miss you!

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