Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 9, 2012

Day 2 June 8, 2012

There was a “wake” or “visitation” that continued throughout the night with the funeral being at 8:30 this morning. After the funeral there was a procession to the cemetery. Many people joined along the way to pay their respects. We walked for close to 2 hours across the town following the car carrying the casket. There was singing and prayers along our walk and it was truly a beautiful thing to witness. We literally took up the entire street, there were no upset drivers and no honking, everyone was respectful and courteous.

There were 3 interesting/amusing occurances…
1) The rosary St. Michael’s made for Sor Elisa was placed on her casket throughout the visitation and journey to the cemetery, it was also buried with her.
2) When they went to put the casket into the mausoleum, the casket wouldn’t fit. Those of you that knew Sor Elisa know how tiny she was, so the fact that she didn’t fit was rather amusing. As is the Honduran way, they soon found a solution, running back down to the car and retreiving a screwdriver to remove the brass handles on the sides of the casket…perfect fit.
3) As is typical, there are some language issues. Just ask David, he is doing so well using his Spanish. He asked Sor Felicia if she was dead…he meant to say “well” Luckily she has alzheimers…Oh…we laughed!! 🙂

After the funeral, CFCA picked us up to take us to David’s sponsored child’s village. It was a long and bumpy journey but well worth the trip. David acknowledged this family’s plight and answered in a most generous way. He is having a new house built for them (it’s almost complete), a bathroom and a new wood stove. He is also seeing to other needs such as beds and bedding, etc. His godson was so happy to see David and LOVED all the gifts!!



  1. My love to all. Wish I was there. have a wonderful rest of the week. Magda

  2. Wow. What a full day. Thanks so much for sharing the stories about Sor Elisa’s funeral. I felt like I was there.

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