Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 15, 2012

Day 7

Our final day had arrived and a special carnival is planned for the girls and elderly at the senior center. The courtyard is decorated with streamers and balloons. Carnival activities consisted of ring toss, cake walk, face painting, duck pond, fishing, and “Minute to Win it”. Popcorn was popped and drinks were served.

As soon as the girls and elderly arrive, they are greeted by our tres amigos clowns (Brad, Greg and Mike), squirting them with their water cameras and flowers. Never have I seen so many priceless reactions. The girls and elderly had constant smiles on their faces. The Sors also participated in the fun (I think they had more fun then anyone)!

After the carnival concluded, pizza was served. 30 pizza’s were ordered and all were consumed faster than we could bring them out. This was a real treat not only for the girls, but the elderly as well. After lunch we all went to visit the apartment of the girls who had just graduated. There are 5 girls sharing the apartment and it is very inviting. They are all so lucky to have the help of Joe.

Later the group went shopping for souvenirs and then returned to the orphanage for our final dinner. It was truly special as several round tables were set in the dining area to accommodate all the sors who would be joining us. They had balloons and other decorations hanging from the ceiling and cheeseburgers were served.

Once we had all finished, we gathered in the St. Michael’s room for a farewell show put on by the girls. It was a very emotional night as they showed us how thankful they are to have us in their lives. They began the show with some traditional dances and was followed by a beautiful poem Yamaley had written for us.

There were more dance numbers, one which had us all on our feet as well. There was one hilarious number where the girls had bags on their head and faces painted on. Words cannot describe how creative this was (hopefully the picture will).

Throughout the show, a gift was presented to each of us by one of the girls, – a beautifully handcrafted pillow (including one to be presented to Padre Bill). Three of the talented girls had painted them for us, and they were all truly beautiful. Each girl who presented us with a gift shared their thanks, prayers and hope of seeing us soon.

This trip has been more rewarding than expected, I know each time I come down here I become a better, more giving person. Although we all may have struggles of our own, we must put the needs and happiness of the girls and elderly as one of our top priorities. Our group had an incredible bonding experience and I know we all leave this place with more love than when we had arrived. We are all going to miss the daily hugs and laughter of the girls and elderly. As long as we keep them in our hearts and prayers, we can help our relationships with them to grow stronger.

We are all home safe and sound. Thank you all who have prayed and supported us and our families on this marvelous experience. Please accept our prayers in return.


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