Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 15, 2012

Day 6

It was another special day as we prepared for Arasely’s Quinceñara. A number of us went over to help her get ready. Nails were painted. Hair and make-up were also done. It is rare for a girl to celebrate something alone, so we definitely wanted to make her feel like a princess. The mass began for the celebration 2 hours later than planned (normal for Honduran time), Ludin and Digna sang beautiful songs.

After the celebrating, we all enjoyed some birthday cake. The girls sang all types of birthday chants, and our team sang the traditional “happy birthday”. The girls are all so thankful that St. Michael’s gives them the opportunity to celebrate this tradition in their culture.

When the celebration was over, The Pollock clan got to meet with their sponsored child at he elderly home with Digna, and her family. We have sponsored her for 5 years and have had so many opportunities to spend time with her.

That evening we were able to finish our VBS with the remaining girls. Each girl decorated a little box and inside they placed a note stating what present they would give to God this year.

After dinner at the orphanage, the group, Sor Dinora, and a few of the girls went to the hospital to hand out bread, cookies and hot tea. At first we were able to give some to all the people waiting outside of the hotel. Next we went to the maternity ward and handed them out there. It was heart wrenching to see the conditions in the hospital. There was a pregnant woman who was having complications, Sor Dinora led us in prayer to bless her and her child, it was a moving moment to be able to connect with a complete stranger in a spiritual way.

After the maternity ward we went to the under 2 pediatric ward. Lastly we went to pediatrics where children over 2 stay. Visiting hours were over so all their families had to wait outside in the open aired courtyard while their kids were all in one big room together. You could hear a number of kids crying for their parents, another gut-wrenching experience. We were all thankful to be able to learn from this experience and were glad we could give something back.


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