Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 13, 2012

Day 5

Today, we started the day off eating breakfast at the Hogar de Ancianos. After our meal we each split off to accomplish diffent tasks.

Mike an Brad worked more in the garden area by sanding and refinishing all the benches.
Magda and Dani went over to the orphanage to finish helping the girls with their pen pal letters.

Jane, Sarah, Beth and Amber handed out books collected from a scout project at St. Michael’s and Dani distributed books for members of the book club.

Barb, Magda and Greg visited CAMO which stands for Central AMerican Medical Organization to coordinate future medical and dental visits to the orphanage to take care of the girls needs.

While others were busy, Greg, Jodi and I began setting up a computer and projector at the Hogar de Anacianos for our Skype sessions with the girls’ pen pals from St. Michael. In the first session, Osiris, Paola, Deisy and Neydi skyped with the advanced and intermediate spaninsh classes. Next, Nolvia, Paula, Edita chatted with the service ambassadors at St. Michael’s, it was amazing to see the kids interact and have so much in common from music to sports played. Lastly, Marta, Sandra, Arsely and Melissa chatted with a religious education class who were shocked that the girls at the orphanage only get pizza twice a year, when people from St. Michael’s visit.

After the Skype session, we all headed over to the orphanage and started filming interviews of selected girls from different age groups. I will have to say the Greg, Jodi, Magda and I about busted a gut laughing so hard at some of their responses- a bloopers video will be needed!

Dani, Beth, Amber and Sarah set up a vacation bible school activity for the Pearlas. The girls got to decorate crowns, and listen to stories.

Jane, Sarah, Amber and Beth began preparing dinner for the nuns at the new house. When the nuns arrived they were each escorted in and were greeted by a round of applause. We had 10 nuns who we served chili, cornbread and brownies for dessert to give them a little taste of Kansas. None of them had ever experienced any of these foods, but they seemed to like it by asking for a second serving!

After the dinner we presented Sor Dinora, Sor Theresea and Joe with a book that has a collection of pictures from all of our previous trips. The Sors talked about how grateful they are that St. Michael’s agreed to help the orphanage and elderly home even before we had a physical church of our own. They talked about how much they trust us and know when we are involved it will turn out better than expected. We have been able to expand the girls education by providing tutors. She said St. Michael’s has made her job so much easier by providing so much support. They are all loving how our group keeps expanding and there are so many willing to help.

The sors went on to thank Joe, I think he amazes all of us here more and more everyday. It is simply amazing how giving he is and will do anything for these girls, we are all thankful he got St. Michael’s involved.

We ended the evening with a walk to the Catholic University to visit the statue of Mary “Santa Maria”. This statue was the same one that cried a few years ago while a St. Michael’s group was visiting. Several of the girls brought their guitars and led us in song and prayer. It was truly a moving tribute to out Blessed Mother.



  1. Oh wow! What a wonderful day! I hope today was just as amazing! Miss you all and everyone there!

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