Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 11, 2012

Day 4

We had an early start to the day as the whole group shuttled off to the aldeas to visit the children Brad’s and Jodi’s family each sponsor through Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA). We took two trucks, with most riding in the bed of the truck. We were accompanied by 3 CFCA representatives to St. Elena where both Brad and Jodi’s children live.

Brad’s group went to visit his sponsored girl for the first time ever; 4 year old Keren helped decorate the house with pink balloons. They graciously offered us a meal, a type of corn soup. When asked if she knew where Brad was from she responded San Pedro Sula, giving us all a good chuckle.

Jodi’s group went to visit her sponsored boy, Gender. They also greeted everyone with balloons decorated outside their home, pine needles spread on the floor, along with firecrackers as we entered the house, a Honduras tradition for visitors. They visited and were also offered a meal, a differing type of soup with chicken which they had freshly prepared that morning. Many of us looked a little concerned as the baby chicks appeared to be running around with no mother in sight!

We then returned to Santa Rosa to treat the rest of our CFCA sponsored children to a meal. Jodi enjoyed reuniting with her other sponsored child, Heidi. Barb and Greg Trum also got to reconnect with their sponsored child, Fannie. Sarah met her sponsored child, Yuri, for the first time and got to spend time getting to know them.

Amber and Beth both were amazed by the connections everyone had with their sponsored children and were anxious to sponsor their own. Luckily we had 3 CFCA representatives with us and they were able to find a child for each of them on the spot. The children they chose to sponsor all lived in the same village as Sarah’s sponsored child. Beth got to visit her little boy, William. Amber visited with Conceita and got to learn how much she loves dancing to hip hop.

There are so many children that still need to be sponsored. It is truly an amazing experience to sponsor these children in need. It is even more amazing to have the opportunity to meet them in person and create memories. I know my family and others have had the opportunity to meet our sponsored child multiple times and watch them grow.

After we all met at the orphanage for dinner, we headed to the new house and had girls who had graduated over the years come over for a mini reunion. It was beautiful to see them all together. They said “although they all see each other frequently, it is never all at once, so this is a special occasion”. The girls shared stories of the orphanage and there was much laughter. Even though many of us had not known a number the girls beforehand, we could see how happy and well taken care of each of them are, a great testimony for the orphanage and St. Michael’s family.



  1. how wonderful!!! so good to see your smiles; we had our first snow fall of the season tonight; cold and blowing winds…hugs!

  2. It looks like you’re having an amazing time and I would expect nothing less! How exciting to see your godchildren and adopt new ones!! I am so happy for you all…give everyone big hugs from me!!

  3. es una gran labor la que hacen todos ustedes, con las niñas

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