Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 11, 2012

Day 3

We started our day off with our timely rooster call and all gathered together for breakfast at the Hogar de Anacianos. After breakfast we got to spend some quality time with the elderly.

We began playing games. Some wobbly rounds of Jenga were played, while other painted and colored. The music was turned on and we began to dance with the elderly. The smiles on their faces goes straight to your heart. A congo line was instantly started as they danced around the courtyard, Sor Theresa included.

We then headed over to the orphanage and were given a tour by Sor Dinora. It is unbelievable the amount of work completed since my last visit – thank you St. Michael’s family. The picture below shows how much the Chicas’ room has been transformed just by adding a new coat of paint. After the tour we split into different groups to accomplish different tasks.

Greg Trum and I (Kayla Pollock) helped some of the girls take down all the Christmas decorations that were hanging from the ceiling. He then set up a projector in the St. Michael’s room where the girls enjoyed the movie Madagascar 2.

Magda, Beth, Amber and Sarah took Aracely on a special shopping trip to the market in celebration of her quinceañera. She will be the only one celebrating this trip.

Mike Pollock and Brad Hewlett headed back to the Hogar de Ancianos and started to clean up outside the new house by wheeling many, many wheelbarrows full of dirt they had dug up. The plans for this area is to lay down grass and create an area to dry clothes.

Dani and Jane began the process of pen pal letters. The girls were very excited to hear from St. Michael’s children. Dani helped the younger girls by reading them their letters and helping them to write a response.

And, Jodie and Magna met with Sor Dinora to review last year’s budget and needs for 2012.

Dinner was served and we all turned in early because all of us were heading to the aldeas (villages) to meet with many of our CFCA sponsors and their families the next day!


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