Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 9, 2012

Day 2

We began our day with much excitement as we ate breakfast at the Hogar de Anacianos. After breakfast we joined the girls at a new church where some of the girls sang in the choir. It was the church’s first mass and was accompanied by heartfelt music and messages addressed by the priest. It wouldn’t be a complete Honduras mass without a dog pacing the aisles.

Sor Dinora, some of the girls, and somehow Greg Trum, were chosen to bring meaningful gifts down the isle in celebration of the Epiphany. It was truly amazing that although the mass was said in a language most of us do not understand, we could still feel the Holy Spirit more than ever. As Barb Trum said, “it was like heaven on earth”. Many of us loved how during the sign of peace all the children go up to hug the priest, just showing another way they truly celebrate their faith.

After mass we returned to the Hogar de Ancianos, Sor Teresa gave the newcomers a tour of the elderly home. Time was then spent with the elderly and lunch was served.The brave souls ate cow tongue while the others were grateful for some chicken. We quickly learned to ban Greg (which was probably his plan all along) from washing the dishes as he mistakenly used virgin olive oil instead of soap. A good laugh was had by all!

After lunch we all headed back to the orphanage where we were able to spend much quality time with the girls. A competitive game of kickball began instantly, with Brad Hewlett demanding a rematch for tomorrow after our team lost so poorly (it’s true, unfair teams).

We then began a vacation bible school project with the Chicas – the youngest group of girls at the orphanage. They all decorated crowns and then listened to Jane Rall as she talked about the Three Kings and the importance of Epiphany. Next, we paraded to the the Chicas’ door and wrote a blessing above the door.

After the time spent with the Chicas, we set up a boutique for the older girls to come and pick out one pair of jeans and one jacket. Each girl drew a number and anxiously awaited to try on clothes. Many of us realize how they are just like any other teenage girl in the aspect that they all have their own fashion sense. After the boutique we spent more time with the girls and a number of girls who had graduated from the orphanage also showed up for a visit.

Before dinner, the group gathered in the Sors’ personal prayer room with Sor Dinora and Sor Alejandrina. Sor Dinora gave an absolutely beautiful speech to us about how the relationship between St. Michael and the orphanage is not about the things we bring but rather about the love and friendship we give. She told us when things may seem difficult at home or we are sad, just to remember the smiles of all the girls. She then brought out a miniature Christmas tree and talked about how our relationship is like the tree, we help the tree to grow up and outwards. This speech helped many of us realize (or re-realize) how our values of material possessions should be nothing compared to how we value our love, friendships and relationship with God. These girls have very little and are so grateful for what they have. They are all so giving and love so freely; they are truly teaching us more than they will ever know.



  1. your love smiles hugs and just listening is so comforting to the chicas and elderly (et al)…i can hear the how big the hearts are of you all and of the people you are spending time w/…enjoy…yes, prayers for the priests and continue safety…hugs cherise

  2. You are doing a wonderful job with the blog. I feel like I am right there with you. Please give everyone a big hug for me. I love hearing the words of wisdom from Sor Dinora. Please tell everyone I miss them. Polly

  3. What a beautiful blog so far…I almost feel like I am there with you. The girls look so healthy and happy! It’s a joy to hear about them. FYI: Greg washes all of his dishes at home with olive oil.

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