Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 16, 2011

Day Seven

June 14, 2011 Day Seven

Another early day with the roosters, I was a little concerned because I only heard one…I thought something happened…but no worries, he soon started in and all was right with my world!
We walked the girls to school this morning, it’s about ¾ of a mile but uphill both ways…seriously!!
After breakfast at the elderly home we gave out the donations for the elderly. The Girl Scouts made wonderful lap blankets for them and they were all so happy to receive them! Later we took a tour of Santa Rosa de Copan, picked up a few items, went to the City Market and bought some fruit. All of this before we met Ricardo at 10:30 am!
Ricardo took us to the Pollock’s sponsored child, Digna. I was so happy to see her and she gave me the biggest hug EVER! She is incredibly shy and it’s always quite moving when she shows us love.
After visiting with Digna and her family we came back to the elderly home and then the orphanage. Dani and David went to tour the local women’s abuse shelter and found it quite interesting. They met the rest of us back at the orphanage and we spent some quality time with the girls. We presented Sor Dinora with the donations from our parish family and gathered more pen pal letters.

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Since we have been running out of time on the other days, we were finally able to start the girls with their new book for the book club, Water for Elephants. Polly and David went on an adventure to find an item one girl (Doris) needed for a project at school, this turned into an interesting search for them, since they didn’t know what they were looking for! After visiting 6 pulperias (small stores), they finally had success! Doris was thrilled!!
Later in the evening the girls put on a show for us. They sang songs and played guitar. We handed out the donations for them, each girl received a shower basket along with toiletries, underwear, flip flops and other much appreciated items. The girls also presented us with small tokens of thanks and friendship. It was an emotional night, saying goodbye to all the girls that are so special to all of us.
We took a walk to the Mary statue at the end of the night and did our prayer and reflection, it was a wonderful way to conclude the evening.

*One thing I forgot to mention. When we were in the village of San Miguel I spoke with a man that I had met the last time I was in Honduras. We went to this village to distribute CFCA benefits which included backpacks, school books, vitamins for the children and seeds for each family. We walked up the mountain to teach them to plant the seeds and water them (which in this case is taking a handful of water and throwing it across the seeds). I asked the man how the vegetables were growing and they have success!! What a wonderful feeling!


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