Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 14, 2011

Day Five

June 12, 2011 Day Five

The rosters were 3 minutes early today! We had breakfast at the elderly center and were preparing for the walk to the Cathedral for Mass when we were told that they were having Mass in the chapel here. The girls from the orphanage all came over and in true Honduran form, the priest didn’t arrive for 8:00 Mass until close to 9:00, so the girls were able to spend time with the elderly. It was a beautiful hour watching both the elderly and children interact. Everyone had big smiles and there was a lot of hand holding and hugging. I thought the elderly were happy when they saw us each day, but when the children ran in the elderly completely lit up! Polly observed one little girl bending down to tie the shoe of an elderly man…it’s just what they do, they’re family.
After Mass we all walked back to the orphanage and spent time with the girls. We had a special meeting with all the girls in high school to talk about their hopes, achievements and struggles. They really opened up to us and it was very enlightening. After that meeting we met with the girls graduating this year, there are 5 of them. We asked them about their future plans, work, college, etc. We talked in detail about their advanced education, their interests in majors and what universities they are interested in.
Later in the afternoon we came back and spent time with the elderly, painting and coloring seem to be the most recent favorites…and not just for the elderly! 😉

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We presented Sor Theresa with the donations sent from our St. Michael’s family, each of the elderly also received a St. Michael’s T-shirt. After our time with the elderly, we headed back to the orphanage to hang out with the girls. They are such a loving group, constantly hugging, holding our hands, being absolutely thrilled for the attention they have been craving. They all loved the Girl Scout cookies we brought along! Some of us played basketball, others sang and played guitar and we just generally spent quality time.
During our prayer and meditation this morning we read from Matthew’s teaching of the beatitudes. We were to observe who showed us a beatitude throughout the day. Tonight at our evening share/prayer time all of us came up with different stories about what impressed us the most, it was a great sharing session.
Tomorrow will be a very early morning, a 4:30 am seranade for the Feast of San Antonio.
It’s lights out now…buenas noches!!



  1. Everyone looks great! What a wonderful experience! We miss you all!

  2. What wonderful pictures! It’s almost as good as being there (not really) 😦 It looks like you guys are having a great time. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date!

  3. Love the pics and the stories….enjoy the last day! Jane

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