Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 13, 2011

Day Four

June 11, 2011 Day Four

This day turned into the busiest of days! Luckily the electricity returned and the rain stopped…until the evening when it became torrential again.

After a breakfast of beans, eggs, tortillas, pineapple and Honduran coffee we went to the orphanage to begin our many activities with the girls. The Feast of San Antonio, their patron saint, is on Monday and there are many things to do in preparation. They bake bread, a lot of it! We learned that the girls baked 3,000 buns and decorated 300 bags, they put 10 buns in each bag and give them to all who attend Mass on the Feast of San Antonio.

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They decorate the halls in the courtyard of the orphanage, we each were assigned a portion of the hall to work on with the girls…they are much more creative than we are! We brought out some crafts and activities we brought along and the girls thoroughly enjoyed these. We began distributing pen pal letters, along with a St. Michael T-shirt. Each girl in the orphanage has a pen pal class at St. Michaels. Her picture is displayed in their classroom and they receive updates. They pray for their pen pal and enjoy the communication they share. I read one letter to Neydi today and in it the boy said, “I have seen pictures of you, you seem to like mopping, why do you like mopping?” Just a little difference between here and there! In between all of this the younger girls put on a Novena. They had their faces painted with beards and were precious! They put on a play in honor of San Antonio and these little ones did a fantastic job reciting their prayers and lines!

We took the little girls (the Chica’s) for ice cream…19 of them….always an adventure! And we took the older girls…24 of them, out for pizza. Both of these outings are rare treats for the girls and we are quite a sight walking through the town!

Our day concluded with our nightly reflection and prayer. This has been a wonderful opportunity for all of us to share our concerns, God-moments and memories of the day. The rain continues very heavily…the power has gone out again, but only briefly. Who knows what the night will hold!!


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