Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 11, 2011

Day Three

June 10, 2011 Day Three

What another glorious day! We began the usual way…the rooster at 4 am and prayer and meditation at 7. Our scripture passage encouraged us to put on Christ in all we do, to serve, to be thankful and to minister to others. After breakfast we began doing just that as we spent time with the elderly. We brought balloons and put coffee beans in them, what a wonderful activity and they loved it!! We gave the elderly hand massages and painted their nails. Although we don’t know the language our communication with them is excellent! It’s on a totally different level and we all feel very privileged to be touched by these wonderful people.

In the afternoon we went over to the orphanage to begin preparations for the Quinceanera. Dani, Polly and I (Lynn) were chosen to be Madrinas (Godmothers) for the girls, actually I believe the men were the first choice of the girls but there are only 3 of them and 5 girls which would result in a basic tug of war! So to be fair, only the women were sponsors. We helped them with their preparations, for the most part we just watched! They are amazing the way they take care of each other. One of the older girls, Digna, was doing everyone’s hair and she was quite talented.

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The Quinceanera ceremony itself was beautiful, filled with prayer and singing. The girls each felt very special and it was interesting to see the chicas (younger girls) look up at the Quinceaneras with such admiration and hopefulness. These girls have so little to call their own, and many of them have very sad stories of abuse, neglect, etc, but they truly care for one another and take care of one another. After the ceremony we had a cake which was donated by a woman in a neighboring town, we had music and singing and activities with the girls.
After dinner, Dani received permission from Sor Dinora to take some of the girls to a free outdoor concert down the street. I stayed back with some of the girls and the rest of the group took off as it began to rain. The rain turned into the biggest thunder, lightening and total downpour I have ever seen! This is why it’s called the rainy season!! The group from the concert came back fairly quickly, all soaked from the rain. There was plenty of laughter as the group shared their stories.

At our prayer and reflection at the end of the day (which we did in the dark, all power has gone out) we all shared our highlights of the day and how we felt humbled to be called to serve such deserving people. How we need to be as Christ to others, how we need to be selfless and giving. We are so blessed!!


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