Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 10, 2011

Day Two

June 9, 2011 Day Two

The day began with the usual Honduran alarm clock, the roosters, at 4 am! We gathered for prayer and meditation in our group and enjoyed a breakfast of beans, tortillas and papaya. We presented Sor Theresa with the Thank you card from St. Michael’s and spent the morning with the elderly, doing the activities we brought for them.

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We painted and colored and played games. We were very impressed with the artistic ability of creativeness of each of them. Spending time with the elderly is always humbling and inspiring. They suffer from many different illnesses and ailments but each has an attitude that impresses us. Their faces are fascinating, we can only imagine the lives they’ve had, the births, deaths, their struggles which have been many and the joys which they still seem to find in everything. The music began and so did the dancing! Even Polly is tall here!

Dani, Polly and I (Lynn) took the 5 girls celebrating their Quinceanera shopping. Our parish family’s generosity allows us to let each girl receive a monetary gift for their Quinceanera. With this gift, the girls are able to go shopping at stores of their choice and buy clothes and shoes that are not hand-me-down or given to them. They are allowed to choose and it is a beautiful thing to witness their independence and individuality! When we returned to the orphanage, the other girls were waiting excitedly to see the purchases.

The rest of the evening was spent at the orphanage spending time with the girls and Sors. After another very long day we met for prayer and reflection and bid each other buenas noches!



  1. OK…sorry again about the pictures! Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but you get to see double of everything!!

  2. Lynn- Loved the blog and the pics; I deleted the duplicate on both posts and changed the author, let’s see if this works – Enjoy..jane

  3. It looks like you are having another wonderful trip! I am so glad David made it! The girls 15 year olds look so cute picking out clothes! What a fun experience. And the elderly look like they enjoyed the activities. I loved seeing all the familiar faces! How is Celestina?

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