Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 16, 2011

Day 6, Shop Till You Drop

When we arrived at the orphanage, we are greeted by the sight of a dental team busy at work. CAMO (Central American Medical Organization) has arranged to send a team from the states in to do checkups on the girls. There are a few tears as the girls file in to be checked. The dental team will do numerous sealants, fillings and a few extractions over the next two days.

Our activities for the girls are a little more enjoyable. We disappear into the “Saint Michael Room” of the orphanage to set up a store. We have brought along several suitcases of clothing for the older girls and we create a makeshift mall for them to shop in. We decide that the fair thing to do is let the girls draw numbers to determine what order they will come in. Each girl draws a number, and we are open for business.

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The store is a huge success and the girls have a great time helping one another pick out their new “hoodies” (sweatshirts) and tops. Their personalities are an parade as they make their choices. Some linger and agonize over their selections, asking advice and struggling to make a choice. Others breeze in and out in a few minutes, happy, but not willing to spend much time on the matter. They are just like our daughters at home, each one with an individual style.

A little later, we set up a second store, this time for the younger girls. This store is full of books donated by our St Michael family. The little ones parade in and quickly find books to read. They are followed by the older girls and the atmosphere gets much quieter as everyone settles down with their new purchases.

A little later, Jill and Dani meet with the “book club”. These are older girls who meet to discuss specific books that they have read. Today’s topic is Jane Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice”. With Dani there to translate, it is quickly evident that these girls are just as passionate about Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy as many of us were at their age. There is a reason why some books earn the title of “classic”.


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