Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 16, 2011

Day 6, Recovery

Our friendly(?) rooster had us up early again this morning. He always seems so angry.

After our trip to the aldeas, our accommodations at the Elderly Home seem luxurious. As I lay listening to the rain this morning in my cozy warm bed, I can’t help thinking of Fany and her family sleeping in this damp weather with a leaky roof overhead. Even the cold shower seems like a privilege. Life is all about perspective, I guess.

This was a rough one for the travel team. As we all gathered for breakfast in the cozy kitchen, it is still raining outside. Despite the aches and pains, we are all grateful that we made the trip to the aldeas the day before. The rain would have made the trip pretty miserable, if not downright impossible on the dirt roads. After some strong Honduran coffee, and another delicious breakfast of fried plantains, cream, beans and warm tortillas we are fortified to face another day.

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Most of the team spent the morning in the Elderly Home, painting some metal beds there. The job is sticky and tedious, and the paint is gummy due to the wet conditions outside. Jill spent the time doing administrative tasks with Sor Teresa, and I made an attempt to catch up on the blog. We regrouped mid morning headed over to see the girls at the orphanage. We had brought along many donations from our St Michael Family, and it was time to share them with the girls.


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