Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 14, 2011

Day 5, Going the Distance

Aldea the spanish word which means village. Many of the girls in the orphanage came from the aldeas that surround Santa Rosa. The veteran members of our team talk about their past visits to “the aldeas”, so I am anxious to see this part of Honduras for myself.

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As we leave the main highway and made our way into the mountains, the scenery changes dramatically. The views are spectacular. At the lower elevations you see skinny cows and horses wandering through the countryside, eating the lush green vegetation. Barb speculates that many have worms, or parasites of some sort which would account for how skinny they all are. Most farm animals here don’t receive any sort of veterinary care.

We roll along the dirt roads, there are 7 of us in the back of the tiny pickup, with 5 more tucked inside the cab. We pass young boys leading horses with loads of wood on on their backs. As we rise higher, we also spot loads of coffee beans being carried in sacks by the horses. We go through small aldeas where children are playing outside in the sunshine. They wave and smile as we pass.

At times the horses on the road seem to be making better progress on the steep and winding roads than we are in the truck. The roads have deep ruts from rain run off, and large stretches are almost impassable. Luckily, all of the passengers have a good sense of humor.

As the roads get worse with each twist and turn, and we are tossed around in the back of the truck, we are laughing almost non stop. The bruises on every part of our bodies are sure to be spectacular by tomorrow. Those of us who are “first timers” here have never seen anything like this in our lives.

We stop periodically to take pictures and try to stretch our legs. Then it’s back in the truck to continue the climb.


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