Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 12, 2011

Day 4, The Road to Gracias

We are all beginning to feel much more comfortable here in Honduras. The first time visitors in our group are beginning to connect faces and names with the girls. Their personalities are becoming more and more apparent. Language is still a barrier to our communication, but we are all getting better at it. Luckily the girls are very patient with us, and when things get too complicated, Dani or Joe are always willing to help.

Since things were beginning to feel comfortable, we decided to shake things up a little. It was time for a ROAD TRIP.

It had been agreed that we would accompany the girls an a field trip to Gracias. Gracias is a town with hot springs and there is a large development there where the girls can swim. This is a huge treat for them because they only get to swim about once per year. When we arrive at the orphanage, they are in a fever pitch. Everyone is ready to go, with matching tote bags that contain their towels and other items they will need for the trip.

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Our group is large but the vans are small, so we divide into two groups for the journey. The little girls (Chicas) go ahead in the smaller van with a few adults. The rest of us pile into the larger white van and we are off. The music was loud and spirits were high. We had a blast trying to sing and dance along to the latin music pouring out of the stereo.

To say that the safety standards are a little lax in Honduras would be a huge understatement. “Let go and let God” is way of life here, especially when you travel the road to Gracias. More on that later.



  1. Yahoo for a road trip —loved seeing all of the SMILES!! Jane

  2. Thank you for the wonderful updates! It looks like everyone is having a great time! Give everyone a hug for me! Polly

  3. I am again jealous of all the hugs given with so much LOVE. Thank you for giving us a small taste of your experience. Hello to everyone. Magda

  4. Thanks for the updates. We will continue to pray for the girls, elderly, and travel team. It’s amazing to see some of the girls and how much they have changed in 2 years. Those buses look alot nicer than the ones we were on!

  5. the Pictures look great honey! Gosh….swimming in Hot Springs or shoveling snow off the driveway….again!….I think I got the wrong end of this deal…
    Love you…

  6. I have been enjoying all the updates and watching your daily activities. Everyone is smiling all the time. I love the picture of you and the ladies and the girls in the swimming pool. Very cold and more snow here in Chicago.
    Mommy in law

  7. Your descriptions of the daily events warm my heart. For those of us who have traveled to Honduras it makes us remember our wonderful experiences and for those who haven’t hoping they can make a future trip. Take care and be safe.
    Love, Mari Lynn

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