Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 11, 2011

Day 3, Morning

Another day dawned early for the travel team in Honduras. Many of us can be found in the seats outside of Sor Teresa’s office in the elderly home, taking advantage of the limited WiFi that comes from her office. We use this time to attempt to connect with our families back home with a variety of electronic devices. Some attempts are more successful than others. Luckily, Greg has brought along his laptop that is equipped with SKYPE. This allows us to use a free service to call home. We meet at 7:00AM for a prayer and general meeting before we start the day.
We shared a lovely breakfast with the our hosts in the elderly home. The nuns eat with us in the their large, warm kitchen. It reminds me of the big family meals that we used to share on my grandparents farm. The food is excellent, and the coffee tastes wonderful.

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Afterwards, we head upstairs to spend some time with the elderly who live here. This is a pleasant surprise. Many of them are overjoyed to see us. Sor Teresa starts some festive music and before you know it, there is a full party in session. Barb begins dancing and is quickly joined by a lovely woman named Herminia. She is wearing a bright dress and a black stocking hat and she is overjoyed to see us. Soon almost everyone has joined in. The sun streams into the open courtyard, and the morning is full of joyful voices and laughter.

The men settle in at one table to play UNO. They quickly learn the rules and a loud and fun game is underway. Many of the women opt for some arts and crafts projects at the next table. The activity there is a little quieter, but very joyful none the less. It was such a privilege to spend some time with them. Many of them are as affectionate as the girls at the orphanage.



  1. What an amazing time you all are having! I wish I were with you. You are bringing Honduras to life with your words and giving us a beautiful view into your days there-keep it up! You all are in our prayers! A special shout out to Mike and Dani-Love you!!

  2. One of my favorite memories of Honduras is eating breakfast at the elderly home with the sisters and visiting with residents. One can feel the power of the human touch and how hungry the elderly are…..not for food but for just holding hands. Like Lynn, I wish I was there with all of you. Watch out for Roberto!!:)

  3. Every day I am jealous of your experience!

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