Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 10, 2011

Day 2, Morning

Mornings begin early in Honduras. It would be hard to miss the coming of the day with our friendly rooster announcing the news. According to the girls at the orphanage, the rooster says, “key-key-key”, not cock-a-doodle-doo!”. Whatever he is saying, he says it with feeling.
Our group met at 7:00 this morning for prayer, then headed in for breakfast with Sor Teresa and the other nuns who live at the retirement home. They treat us like honored guests, and I have a hard time accepting so much attention from these kind and generous women. They serve us at the table, and insist on clearing our dishes. It is a humbling experience.
We set off for the orphanage to accompany the little girls to mass at the the Cathedral. It was a gorgeous morning as we walked to the church, holding their hands. They are excited to see us; so many of them crave individual attention, and are so grateful for it. Their eager faces are such a gift.

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Mass was an adventure. Of course it was said in Spanish, which presents a challenge for most of us on the team. It was also a special morning because many people were receiving sacraments. First, a group of people who were baptized with much fanfare and celebration. Then a group of beautiful boys and girls went forward in their First Communion best and were welcomed to the Eucharist. At some point what seemed like the same group received Confirmation, lighting candles and singing for joy. We didn’t need a perfect understanding of what was being said to appreciate the energy and happiness that radiated in the church. Eventually we recognized the mass taking place, with the Elevation of the host followed by the exuberant Sign of Peace. All members in the congregation exchanged hugs and smiles, even with visitors like us. After Communion, there was more singing and celebration. By the end, about 2 hours had passed, and I think we all came away feeling glad that we had shared this experience.



  1. Hi, Honduras group! My love to all of you, nuns, elderly and girls. I wish I was there.
    God Bless You.

    • Looks like you are all having a blast.

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