Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 7, 2011

Next Adventure About to Begin…..

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This Saturday, January 8th, the next team from our parish will begin their journey to visit our friends in Santa Rosa De Copan, Honduras. Jill Andersen, Robin Harrigan, Theresa Moyer, Terry Nelson, Dani &Mike Pollock and Barb and Greg Trum will spend 1 week praying, playing and living in solidarity with the sisters, elderly and girls who live in each home.  This week, parishioners gathered to pack donations, gifts and items for the activities the team will be completing during their trip. Special thanks to Bob Shea and John Nichols for their donations of medicine and clothing. Please lend your support to our parish mission project by offering prayers for the safety and success of the volunteers this week traveling in Honduras. Muchas Gracias!



  1. What a fabulous group! I am thrilled for all of you especially the first time visitors. Travel safely and tell the girls, elderly and the sisters I send my love! I will be anxiously waiting to read about your experiences. Love, Mari Lynn

  2. Great effort!
    God bless and take good care
    You will all be in my prayers

  3. Theresa, I gave Sor Theresa one of your CD’s. Be sure to tell her you are one of the vocalists. I know she listens to it. Sor Theresa loves music. Mari Lynn

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