Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 20, 2010

Viva Honduras! Day 5

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On Wednesday morning, we headed to the orphanage at 5:30 am to watch the opening match for Honduras against Chile in the World Cup.  Most of older girls were watching when we arrived and stood for the entire match – unfortunately Honduras lost 0-1. Fr. Bill watched part of the game with the sisters in the elderly home. Sister Teresa’s sense of humor was evident as she held up a small chili pepper to represent Chile and a large cluster of bananas to represent the original “Banana Republic” – Honduras.

After the match,Fr. Bill celebrated mass at the elderly home. The young ladies that work in the elderly home played guitars and sang inviting full participation with their beautiful and heartfelt music.  Holy medals and rosaries were distributed on behalf of our parish to all there.

For the rest of the day, our team divided, half of the team headed back to the orphanage to paint while  Fr. Bill and the rest headed to the private girl’s school and local Catholic University.  The paint crew had a lesson in patience as we removed the paint from the previous day (wrong stuff!) and began to repaint. Meanwhile, a dental team from CAMO spent the day at the orphanage –the girls lined up for cleaning, filling and extractions. This clinic was completed thanks to the efforts of our team that visited in February and especially Magda Snyder who helped bridge the relationship between CAMO and the Girl’s Home .

The education system in Honduras is very different from in the States so we are always trying to learn more so we can make good decisions regarding support as well as future support for post-high school education.

Later in the afternoon, the team regrouped to share penpal letters from our parish school children. This is a favorite part of our visit for the girls (and for us)!  The evening ended with a farewell show performed by the girls which included poems, music, dances and plays. The girls never cease to amaze me with their grace, beauty, and rich faith that was clear in various aspects of the show…Fr. Bill shared a farewell message to end the evening….Many hugs were shared with him as well as grateful messages for coming to visit.



  1. It sounds like the trip has been great and that you are having a significant impact. I hope you have a great end to the trip. We are very excited for you to come home.

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