Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 17, 2010

Quinceanera! Day 4

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Fr. Bill was treated to a memorable and warm welcome by the elderly here on Tuesday morning. The residents able to stand rose to greet him and many thanked him for coming – many talked about what a blessing from God he was and told him they would pray for him.  Fr. Bill along with Magda and Polly  were guided on a tour of the elderly home by Sister Teresa. She highlighted the capital improvements completed due to the donations from our parish as well as how our annual donations affects the household. Sister Teresa expressed deep gratitude from the household for our ongoing efforts to support their home.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team continued working on the paint project in the  girl’s home.  Sister Dinora gave Fr. Bill (and part of the team)  a tour of the girl’s home later in the morning to also highlight past projects and our current funding and how it is used.

There was growing excitement all day as the seven girls began to prepare for their quinceanera celebration. We were invited to help the girls get ready and the atmosphere felt like “prom” night.  A local teacher had collected formal dresses for the girls (St. Michael’s brought some as well) and their room quickly filled as the other girls in the house came to watch their transformation.  Hair, makeup and a dash of perfume reduced many of the outgoing girls to giggling and blushing young ladies.  Each looked like a princess! While you may wonder why we would spend our time here with something that seems frivolous considering the needs of this home, but one way we offer support is by continuing to look for ways to help the girls feel less marginalized and this event is culturally very important.  A beautiful mass concelebrated by Fr Henry (a local priest) along with Fr. Bill kicked off the quinceanera.  Estenia, Neydi, Jaqui, Osiris, Sindy, Paola and Deisy were escorted by a “godparent” down the aisle and were seated in front of the altar much like a bride and groom. Each of us were asked to stand in as a “godparent” – what a privilege and honor!  After a beautiful homily and the eucharistic celebration was complete, cake was served and the best part —dinner came after…..


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