Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 14, 2010

Bienvenidos! (Welcome) Day 1

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The team arrived about 11:00 am to the San Pedro Sula airport on Saturday morning. Sister Dinora, Dani Pollock and Mike Pollock met the team at the airport along with Christian who frequently drives for the sisters. After a nice pizza lunch where the team caught part of the ” World Cup Fever”, the group left the city and began to immediately see changes in the countryside…small homes made of clay with tin roofs , mountainous terrain with rivers and small villages dotted the landscape.  We arrived in Santa Rosa de Copan along with a storm which is typical for the rainy season. After exchanging hugs with the sisters at the elderly home, we headed over to meet the girls and sisters in the Hogar de Ninas. The home was decorated for the feast of Saint Anthony of Padua and a large welcome sign made us feel right at home.  The best part of our day was the greeting we received from each of the girls –heartfelt hugs and greetings for each of our team both for our new volunteers as well as for those of us that have travelled here before.


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